My name is Paco Marshall, I live in Chapel Hill NC USA

These are stories about bike rides I have taken.   I hope you enjoy them.

  1. I live in Ottawa Canada. I feel a cycle trip in Japan could be fascinating, and possible a bit dangerous but at my age, necessary. Ever consider a trip like that?

  2. Bruce Houlder says:

    I enjoyed looking at your blog very much. Thanks. Do you have a recommendation for a good safe route for cycling Nimes to Lyon. Did you use any particular guide or set of maps? Or did you just follow the wind? We are doing Bordeaux to Sete to Nimes and on to Lyon in May.

    • We followed Google Maps on my phone. You will see on the map that most of the way from Nimes to Lyon is along the Rhone river. Starting in Orange, 57 kms from Nimes, there is a wonderful flat paved bike path just about all the way to Lyon, about 200 kms. It switches back and forth on both sides of the river. I do recommend taking the commuter train at the Lyon suburb of Grigny, it cuts out what I hear is dangerous cycling on the last 13 kms into Lyon. You can wheel your bicycle right on the train.

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