Fayetteville NC Modernism, September 15, 2013

Posted: September 16, 2013 in modernism

Fayetteville, home to Fort Bragg and several other military installations, feels like a foreign country compared to Chapel Hill.    While small parts of it date to the 1700’s, most of it is miles of tract housing.   It sort of feels like a smaller version of Norfolk / Virginia Beach, or Jacksonville Florida, minus the beach and otherwise picturesque landscapes.   It is just houses and shopping centers.   But there is some modernism, if you bike around there enough.


First, liberals apparently do exist there, in small numbers

Modernism Chapel Hill 009

And there are plenty of interesting buildings to look at

Modernism Chapel Hill 005

Modernism Chapel Hill 006


Modernism Chapel Hill 010


Modernism Chapel Hill 011


Modernism Chapel Hill 015


Modernism Chapel Hill 016


Modernism Chapel Hill 017


Modernism Chapel Hill 023


Modernism Chapel Hill 024


Modernism Chapel Hill 026

  1. ydnic1 says:

    Thank God you made it out of Fayetteville alive.

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