Trump in Chatham County, Nov. 6, 2016

It was a beautiful day yesterday.   I biked all the way from Chapel Hill to Raleigh and back on my PBW folding bicycle.

Neomonde Bakery near Meredith College is what Chapel Hill’s Mediterranean Deli should be but is not quite.   Hummus, baba ganoush and tabouli salad shout freshness.   The pita bread is cooked in a wood-fueled fire right in front of your eyes.

Almost all the trip by bicycle was through suburban neighborhoods or on the American Tobacco Trail.    While Chapel Hill neighborhoods are filled with Hillary signs, the Cary and Raleigh suburbs are conspicuous for their lack of signs for either side.    Coming back to Chapel Hill,  the Cary and Morrisville exurbs peter out in northeastern Chatham county.    There is a two or three mile stretch just south of Southpoint Mall and east of Jordan lake;  a mixture of woods and 1960’s ranch houses fronting a country road.    Suddenly there are Trump signs out in force.     One person felt so strongly that he made his own signs.

I appreciate these signs as works of art.  But let’s not kid ourselves; these ideas are dangerous to our republic.







One response to “Trump in Chatham County, Nov. 6, 2016”

  1. I enjoy your blog and am usually amused and appreciative of your keen observations and good taste in food! Sadly, this trip around rural NC is disturbing. I expect it’s the same in Texas though. I cycle the inner loop neighborhoods every weekend and HRC is running about 10:1. I have savored the false sense of security. Well, we will see tomorrow if the nation has any degree of sense or not. Ciao.

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