Climax to Liberty (and Liberty to Climax!) January 22, 2021

It’s not as outrageous sounding as the actual town of Intercourse PA but who knew there was a Climax NC? Fifteen miles south of Greensboro? I needed a starting point for an afternoon’s bike ride. Climax NC is only ten or twelve miles from Liberty NC, so this made for a nice rural thirty mile bicycle loop on a Friday afternoon with temperatures in the forties and fifties. I drove west about an hour from my home in Chapel Hill NC and parked right at the center of Climax. Climax is hardly a town, really just a crossroads, a couple of gas stations and a Dollar General.

I pulled the bicycle out of the car and started cycling from this parking lot.,
Dead strip mall, Climax NC

I set out in the direction of Liberty NC through the rural Piedmont of central North Carolina. If a bicyclist takes the most remote roads, one can usually find lovely smooth rural roads with almost no traffic.

There were lots of animals!

These are buildings I thought looked interesting.

Liberty NC (population 2,600) felt like a real city compared to Climax NC.

Kettle Corn downtown, about the only business open
At least pre-COVID the theater looks very much in use
No bicycles?

I bicycled back to the car in Climax, taking a longer circular route, enjoying the rural character.

My car was still there at the Dollar General in Climax. I stopped at the Starbucks in south Greensboro on the way home, a latte to drink while driving.

The one stoplight in Climax NC

One response to “Climax to Liberty (and Liberty to Climax!) January 22, 2021”

  1. Nice ride. What’s a tactical gun?

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